Jonah Flicker is a freelance writer who covers spirits, travel, food, and lifestyle for publications including USA Today, Esquire, Maxim, Travel + Leisure, Food & Wine, Town & Country, Men’s Journal, Liquor.com, Paste Magazine, CNN, BBC Travel, Icelandair Info, Subaru Drive Magazine, and much more. You can reach him at jdflicker@gmail.com.

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  1. Hey Jonah – Recently came across your blog and have been enjoying following. I did not know about the Precidio Beer Garden and will be out in SF later in July so I’ll most definitely be popping though (Fort Point is one of my new favorite breweries out there.) Anyways, just wanted to pass along the good word. Looking forward to catching some more posts down the road.



    1. Jonah, I read your article on ’14 Best Gins of 2020′. Happy to see Hendricks there. A new you offered I had not tried (Sipsmith London Dry Gin).

      What do you think of G’Vine gin (from France): Nouaison and/or Floraison?

      Thanks.. George


  2. Basil Hayden actually is Old Grandad! A historical man who led Catholics to what today is KY

    Check it out: after Baltimore, Bardstown was in the 2nd group of Catholic dioceses


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