Secret Machines – Secret Machines

Secret Machines released their new self-titled album a few months ago, after their relationship with Warner Brothers disintegrated. What could have been a fresh start for the band turned out to be a rather boring misstep. Read my review of the new album here.

But it is Christmas, and you know how much musicians like to cover Christmas songs. The Machines’ Brandon Curtis, helped out by a vocalist named Tamaryn (with an EP coming out on Troubleman), has covered the classic “Silent Night,” available for download from their website. You can make a donation, if you wish, which will benefit Safe Horizon, a children’s charity.

“We originally released it in 2006 as a little Christmas gift of our own, on MySpace,” says Curtis. “Tamaryn and I were both performing in New York at the time, and we were looking for an opportunity to work
together on some music. It was December and we were confined by the cold, confined by the holidays, and confined by our own disillusionment.” In other words, happy holidays.

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