Review: Blood Beetroots – Romborama (Dim Mak)

Italian producer Bob Rifo makes punky dance music under his pseudonym Bloody Beetroots. What’s it worth? Not a great deal, although fans of Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak label will enjoy. Read my review here or below.

Steve Aoki-approved Italian electronic producer, Bob Rifo, better known as his Bloody Beetroots alter-ego, certainly has a wealth of cool to cash in on. His new album, Romborama, is out on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak label (Aoki himself puts in an appearance on the song “Warp 7.7”), and notables like The Cool Kids, The Locust’s Justin Pearson, and Vicarious Bliss all help out to propel these fast and furious dance tracks along.

But hell, Justice did what the Beetroots are doing without any guest spots at all a few years ago, and managed to do it damn well. And herein rests the problem. Yes, the Beetroots’ amalgamation of electro, techno, house music, disco, and what the press release sentimentally calls “punk” is spot-on in terms of energy, rhythm, and well-placed breakdowns. But you’ve heard it all before. So the question remains: if this is just a rehash of the same old neo-club anthems that are blasting through Cobrasnake-patrolled hot spots every night of the week, but the production is on point, is it worth an hour of your time? At times, no – for instance, “Awesome,” featuring the Cool Kids, is a trite excursion into acid synth waves and forgettable lyrics. On the other hand, “Have Mercy On Us,” a riff on classical music conventions, feels relatively fresh and inspired.

So the Beetroots new album is something of a mixed bag. The best thing to do is take it for what it is – a not always original, and sometimes vacuous, collection of bass-heavy dance tracks – and just enjoy the ride.

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