Review: Doom – Unexpected Guests (Gold Dust)

Let’s be honest, Doom’s latest, Unexpected Guests, is disappointing. No more collections of previously released music, please. Read my review here or below.

The good old days:

Let’s be honest, Doom (nee MF Doom, King Gheedorah, Viktor Vaughn, etc.) hasn’t really released a good album since 2004’s Mmm… Food. And yet, somehow, his obsessive fans (this writer included) keep hoping for a great new record, one that doesn’t recycle past songs, one that reaches the level of Madvillainy or Take Me to Your Leader or even Operation: Doomsday. Instead, we get Unexpected Guests.

You see, if you are a devoted fan of Daniel Dumile, you have already heard every one of these tracks on a different (and better) album. De La Soul collaboration, “Rock Co. Kane Flow,” from The Grind Date? Check. Kurious collaboration, “?”, from Doomsday? Sure. Vast Aire collabo, “Da Supafriendz,” from Look Mom, No Hands? Why not? And the list goes on and on. This is great for the uninitiated, although these songs are definitely not his best (even though the album was “executed and overseen by the Super Villain himself,” but kind of boring for his super-fans.

Sadly, this will have to do until Doom gets his shit together, and the new Madvillain album and his forthcoming solo record (on which he’s working with TV on the Radio’s David Sitek) see the light of day. But beware, Doom. As beloved as you are, you are wearing your fans’ patience thin and stretching your mantle of prolificacy. Next time, please give us some quality new shit.

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