Review: Glass Ghost – Idol Omen (Western Vinyl)

I recently reviewed Glass Ghost’s latest, Idol Omen. Read it here or below.

Glass Ghost’s Antony-like falsetto vocals flit about above a bed of sparingly struck hip-hop drums and electronic bleeps and bubbles. These are the perfect ingredients for a Brooklyn band looking to make an impact in the world – a mixture of deconstructed indie rock with subtle hints of “urban” elements like rap and techno.

Of course, Glass Ghost is all and none of these things, comfortably lounging in the Xiu Xiu-dominated world of experimental art rock one minute, joyously crafting a poppy hook the next. The duo’s debut album lifts off with the orchestral, theatrical “Time Saving Trick,” but gets more percussive and minimal from there. Waves of delicately constructed melodies are constantly tricked and transferred by Eliot Krimsky’s spectral vocals and Mike Johnson’s precisely heavy hand. There’s no bark here, no bite, but the music is intrigues all the same.

The two-man/woman band has found a new life over the past few years. And we’re not talking about the White Stripes; we’re looking at bands like Fiery Furnaces or No Age. Sometimes, streamlining the participants can lead to great artistry. It’s not clear if Glass Ghost yet falls into that lofty categorization, but they are certainly onto something here.

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