2 thoughts on “Taste Test: The First Biodynamic Single Malt Scotch Shows the Promise and Limitations of Terroir for Whisky

  1. Jonah,

    I really loved your article on biodynamic single malt Scotch. But to me this is nothing new. The craft distillery I work for is all about this subject. And we can tell you that what goes into the mash, does make a difference, and you can taste it. In fact, I would invite you to try our three different American whiskies. I know they’re not single malt Scotch, but you can taste the difference between industrial distilling with feed grain and our craft products made with a conscious effort towards the environment and sustainability.
    One Whiskey Wanderer


    1. Hey, thanks for your comment, and thanks for reading. I realize that for some this is not new (see my comments about Waterford), but for many whiskey drinkers it is. And I’m all for these experiments in terroir and biodynamics, I think it elevates the industry as a whole. What distillery do you work for?


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