2 thoughts on “Taste Test: Mithuna Shows Why Indian Whisky Is Rising

  1. So according to this writer Maker’s Mark & Angel’s Envy are worth scoring 90+ points but Mithuna is lowly 86 pointer. So much for the objectivity. Also Mithuna is only good enough for an Indian Whisky. If this is not racism what is.


    1. I think you are misunderstanding. These are reviews, they are totally subjective. I liked the Maker’s Mark and Angel’s Envy better than Mithuna, which I also liked a lot – 86 is a pretty good score. And why do you think it’s racist to talk about it in the category of Indian whisky? I do the same for Irish whiskey, scotch, bourbon – talk about how they compare to other whiskeys in their categories. Does that mean I’m also racist against the Irish, Scotch, and Americans? You have to put the whiskey in context, I think in addition to talking about it as a whiskey overall, it’s valid to talk about how Jameson compares to other Irish whiskeys, how Jim Beam compares to other bourbons, how Yamazaki compares to other Japanese whisky, and how Mithuna compares to other Indian whisky. Happy to answer any other questions you have, and hope you have a good weekend.


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