2 thoughts on “Whiskey of the Week: WhistlePig Goes “Beyond” Bonded with a New Bourbon and Rye

  1. Wonder if I got a bad bottle or ruined the one I have. Bought Tanqueray for Martinis and it has a really rough not pleasant taste. I did try putting it in the freezer also. Beefeater has a bite to it and is not real smooth but it taste better than the Tanqueray I bought. If you try either of these neat they don’t taste very good.


    1. I think it’s all subjective, and some of the mass produced gins can certainly taste harsh to some people. I like both of these bottles, but there’s a whole world of gin out there to try if these are not for you. If you look on my website there’s a gin roundup that might give you some ideas.


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